Salt Lake Medium

JoAnneSmithJo’Anne Smith, the Salt Lake Medium, feels deeply about her life calling to help others connect with loved ones who have passed on.  This has become her passion.  Each of us possess abilities that need to be shared.

From a young age Jo’Anne has experienced the voices, presence and stories of the deceased.  Psychic and medium gifts have been in the family for generations, including her Grandmother Agnes Scott (from Scotland) who read tea leaves, Aunt Jenny, Aunt Ethel and others.  While each encounter is a new experience for Jo’Anne and those she helps it is an experience that neither will forget. May you find peace and closure with your loved ones.  Namaste

With the ability to see the road ahead a psychic can help you make sense of the world around you.  Jo’Anne helps those who are ready to learn more about who they are.

Jo’Anne has a gift that allows her to connect with those who have passed on.  Sharing this gift is important as she helps others come to closure and seek answers from loved ones.

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